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June 15 2021

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Do you know how to draft an effective affidavit?

Have you ever been in a situation where you were thrown in the deep end to draft an affidavit in your clerkship or graduate role? Or felt a sense of dread at the end of your law degree thinking about what skills you need in order to do well in legal practice? 


In this state, you can easily spend years feeling imposter syndrome and unconfident about your legal skills. Going to panic mode and alarms going off every time you are asked to draft an affidavit and not being able to have a framework on how to digest the information and sift through it in a meaningful way. And feeling disheartened after receiving unclear and confusing feedback after each attempt. 

All because you haven’t received a clear and simple way to dissect the science and art of drafting a clear and effective affidavit, a key foundational legal skill that is the cornerstone of a lawyer’s toolbox.

If you were able to master the skill of drafting effective affidavits, what would that look like? 

Draft effective and concise affidavits using our simple step by step framework

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This online course will walk you through a step by step framework that will allow you to draft affidavits from scratch and have the confidence in your skills as a lawyer.


You will know what to look out for and say I CAN DO THIS. Most importantly, by investing in this course and mastering the science and art of affidavits, this will position you for success and pay dividends for your future as a lawyer.

Meet your trainer

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Ken Wu

Criminal Law & General Practice Solicitor | Non-Profit Facilitator and Trainer​

Ken is a criminal defence lawyer and general practice solicitor with a passion for advocacy. He was the winner of the Margaret Cunneen SC Witness Examination Competition and 2018 Corrs Chambers Westgarth Open Witness Examination Competition. 

Ken is also a Training Facilitator at B Inspiring, a movement designed to inspire young people to make a positive impact in their lives and communities. He has extensive experience in mentoring youth in leadership skills and non-profit organisations in leadership skills.


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Introduction to Key Concepts

Learn the definitions of key concepts around affidavits and witness statements


Demystifying the Maze of Client Instructions

Break down complex client instructions using a set of filters to understand what they want. You’ll learn to ask the right questions to shortcut your way to a clear affidavit.


Structuring Your Affidavit

Take the next step and write a winning affidavit. You will learn how to reach out to clients, gain their trust, and what to look for in this stage of the affidavit drafting process.


Final Prep & Review

Last but not least, you'll learn the tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes and put in place a fool proof process to ensure your affidavit is ready for court.

What you walk out with

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me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.


2x Drafted Affidavits

Over three weeks, you will build a portfolio of affidavits which you can use in legal practice. This includes an applicant/plaintiff affidavit and an affidavit in response.


Certificate of Completion

When you finish the course and submit your completed portfolio of affidavits, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to add to your LinkedIn profile.


Upgraded Resume

We will give you a section to add on to your resume, and provide you a reference letter boosting your resume with our tick of approval.


2x LIVE Q&A Calls with Ken

You'll have an opportunity to receive personalised feedback and clarify burning questions about the concepts explored in the course.

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