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We run interactive workshops for law students to empower them with practical and relevant legal skills ready for the real world.


Learn how to apply the law in different contexts


Ask the right questions to tackle legal problems in a meaningful way


Discover career pathways to make a difference with your legal skills

"Look left, look right. Only one of you will graduate and work in law...these are your competitors"  

Do you tick the boxes below:

  • Are you struggling to understand and apply the legal concepts you learnt in class?

  • Have you spent countless hours online trying to get the right study notes?

  • Do you need someone to make things clearer for you?

​Somewhere on your law school journey, you may have heard the above quote from your law lecturer or peers. The tale of fierce academic competition in law school is not uncommon. Studying law can be stressful and anxiety inducing. Surveying all 36 law schools in Australia and receiving more than 1,500 individual responses, Survive Law has found law students are spending more time studying and the proportion of those who feel stressed ‘most or all of the time’ have increased to 55%. 

On top of this, the way law is taught can also be confusing and hard to understand when little to no guidance is provided. Legal pedagogy (aka. the way law is taught) urgently needs to be modernised if we want to equip law students for the future of accelerating change.

Nobody should have to go through law school feeling unequipped and unconfident about their skills and knowledge. Like you, we are frustrated by the outdated teaching methods and the need to bridge the gap between theory and practice in understanding legal concepts.


At Lawcademy, we believe you deserve a modern and practical legal education. We present to you a range of workshops and courses with clear outcomes designed to help you build confidence in practical and relevant legal skills.  

The best part of our workshops is not only that it's crystal clear without all the legalese jargon but it is built for you to thrive in your future career.

Legalese (noun): A complex, cluttered and wordy language spoken exclusively by lawyers and academics.


“I finally understand Evidence Law and feel equipped to tackle legal problems in a meaningful way. This is so much better than law school!”

We disrupt the way law is taught

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Jessica  Liang, Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator Coordinator

Jessica Liang works in an accelerator program that supports social enterprises that are looking to scale their business and raise impact investment. She also coordinated a  social entrepreneurship practicum that supported university students with the knowledge and skills to become change makers. She graduated from University of New South Wales with B Commerce/B Laws. 

Jessica previously founded Hand Me a Coffee which aims to bridge the gap between the Deaf and Hearing communities through unique café experiences where customers can order their coffee in Australian Sign Language. She is experienced in operations, marketing and management.

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Ken Wu, Criminal Law & General Practice Solicitor | Non-Profit Facilitator and Trainer

Ken Wu is a criminal defence lawyer and general practice solicitor with a passion for advocacy. He was the winner of the Margaret Cunneen SC Witness Examination Competition and 2018 Corrs Chambers Westgarth Open Witness Examination Competition. 

Ken is also a Training Facilitator at B Inspiring, a movement designed to inspire young people to make a positive impact in their lives and communities. He has extensive experience in mentoring youth in leadership skills and non-profit organisations in leadership skills.

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Unsure what the an affidavit is? Searching on Google when your boss asks you to draft a witness statement?

You will learn the substance of an affidavit, basic evidentiary issues, form and presentation and drafting skills, and walk away from the workshop with practice-ready scaffolds and a draft affidavit. 

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Advocacy experience is highly prized by employers, improves communication, research skills and develops confidence. This workshop will teach you the basics for advocacy and public speaking and is open for students of all levels.


Future proof your career with solicitor ready advocacy skills. 

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Unsure how to approach your client interviews? Searching on Google about the best approach? 

You will learn how to obtain information relevant to affidavits, witness statements and pleadings, practice with peers to build confidence and walk away with two scaffolds to organise and excel in their client interviews.


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